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A1134,  Alternator, 12

Additional Info
Product : Alternator
Voltage : 12 V
Amp : 70A FORD
Alternative : LRA01025
Weight : 5.00 kgs
Price* (Web exclusive) : £ 147.50
Availability** : Availabile
* The price is a web exclusive price and is not similar to what we offer at our outlets
** The availability of products is based on the quantities available at the Warehouse and not our outlets. Please do call and enquire before you come in.

  Vehicle Application
Vehicle Make Model Engine Year Description
CHRYSLER Imperial 5.2 1988-1989 70A M6 B+
CHRYSLER Le 2.5 1988-1990 70A M6 B+
FORD Bronco 4.9 1985-1986 70A M6 B+
FORD Bronco 4.9 1985-1986 70A M6 B+
FORD Bronco 5 1985-1989 70A M6 B+
FORD Bronco 5 1985-1989 70A M6 B+
FORD Fairmont 5 1978-1982 70A M6 B+
FORD Mustang 5 1982-1985 70A M6 B+
FORD Thunderbird 5 1982-1985 70A M6 B+
 OEM Reference
D8UF10346CA D8VF10300CA
D8VF10346CA D8ZF10300FA
D9AF10300CA D9BZ10346C
D9DF10300AA D9OF10300AA
D9TF10300AA D9UF10300EA
D9VY10346C D9ZF10300BA
D9ZF10300FA E1AF10300DA
E1BF10300BA E1BF10346CA
E1BZ10346A E1TF10300BA
E1ZF10300E E1ZF10300EA
E37F10300AA E3TF10300AB
E3ZF10300AA E4LF10300CA
E5LF10300AA E5ZF10300AA
E6DF10300CA E6DF10300FB
E76F10300BA E7UF10300AA
E87F10300AA E87F10300AB
E87F10300BA E8EF10300AB
LRA01134 LRA1134
D8UF-10346-CA D8VF-10300-CA
D8VF-10346-CA D8ZF-10300-FA
D9AF-10300-CA D9BZ-10346-C
D9DF-10300-AA D9OF-10300-AA
D9TF-10300-AA D9UF-10300-EA
D9VY-10346-C D9ZF-10300-BA
D9ZF-10300-FA E1AF-10300-DA
E1BF-10300-BA E1BF-10346-CA
E1BZ-10346-A E1TF-10300-BA
E1ZF-10300-E E1ZF-10300-EA
E37F-10300-AA E3TF-10300-AB
E3ZF-10300-AA E4LF-10300-CA
E5LF-10300-AA E5ZF-10300-AA
E6DF-10300-CA E6DF-10300-FB
E76F-10300-BA E7UF-10300-AA
E87F-10300-AA E87F-10300-AB
E87F-10300-BA E8EF-10300-AB